Turbo-charge immunity.

Without any side effects.

Buckyol is a market-first nanotech invention of water soluble, non-toxic C60 that boosts our general health and fights many signs of aging.

Buckyol C60 YEX™
Free Radical Terminator

Oral Solution (12 ml and 30 ml)

Water-based gentle drops for daily health and immunity, up to 200 times as effective as Vitamin C.

  • Buckyol C60 is completely water-soluble C60 (Carbon 60) without the need for any olive oil.
  • A mild polyhydroxylated formula, which strengthens the anti-oxidation ability. (In scientific words, it expresses from 2 to 12 times better directional peroxide quenching capacity.)
  • 99.99+% vacuum-sublimed, pure, solvent-free anisotropic hydroxylated C60 mineral.
  • A powerful agent against aging, improving your daily performance, and just feeling really good.
    • Enhances cell metabolism
    • Removes free radicals
    • Inhibits cell degradation
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Preserves bone strength
    • Enhances cartilage
    • Promotes youthfulness
  • Made in California, USA.


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Buckyol C60 MXH™
Pets Immunity & Joint Health Supplement

Oral Solution (30 ml)

Water is as abundant in our pet's body as it is in ours. Their blood comprises more than 80% of water, their muscles 72-78%, and 45% of their bones are made of water. MXH's water-soluble C60 is highly ‘bioavailable’ and compatible with the water in a pet’s body. This makes it convenient for our C60 to rapidly move to your pet's tissues and organs for quick absorption and action.

  • Preserves Bone Strength
  • Enhances Cartilage
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Removes Free Radicals
  • Helps Reduce Inflammation
  • Protects Cells
  • Made in California, USA.


JPC, Owner of 18-year old cat (126 in human age)

"When Tigress reached 13 years of age, she weighed only 3 kilos, slept a lot, and in April, 2016 was diagnosed stage-III kidney failure with a Creatinine index (CR) at 3.1. She started early stage of cataracts where her rounded big eyes started to get just a bit foggy. After taking Buckyol C60 for one year, her CR has droped from 3.1 to 1.8, just 0.2 away from a completely normal healthy young cat! My vet says it is exceptionally rare, because normally even with meticulous care, CRE might go backward to 2.6 or 2.4 (Stage II). Her weight has increased from 2.4 to 2.8 kg, Platelets (PLT) has increased from 48 to 230. The slight fog in her eyes has receded and became clear again! Her hair is full and shinny. A very healthy 18 year old cat that is still going strong."


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C60: the miracle health ingredient.

Buckyol Fullerene C60 Buckyball Molecule

Molecular structure of C60, a carbon allotrope being studied for its incredible health benefits.

Among the most important discoveries of our time, Carbon 60 (C60), or “Fullerene” as it has come to be known in the industry, is a bit of a miracle element. It was identified in 1985 by Rice University researchers in Texas who won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

It is a carbon like diamond or graphite, but with a unique structure—it looks a bit like a tiny soccer ball because its molecule contains sixty carbon atoms that form a hollow sphere of 30 highly conjugated double-bonds. This shape resembles the kind of geodesic dome buildings that the famous American architect, Buckminister Fuller, used to design. The name “Fullerene” is a tribute.

This carbon molecule is considered one of the most exciting discoveries in the world of chemistry because it has now been found to have many practical uses ranging from rocket fuel to electronics, to creating super-strong materials. Most importantly, numerous scientific studies in the last 20 years have found that C60 offers brilliant health enhancing properties: it increases longevity, improves bone and joint strength, and generally boosts our immunity system.

Since 1996, C60 has been available in edible forms, mixed commonly with olive oil. While this has made C60 accessible for health purposes, oil is less effective as a carrier in our water-based bodies. More importantly, the production process of housing C60 in oil produces solvents that contribute to toxicity, and has therefore been an area of study and concern. Even the highest purity methods used today fail at removing trace poisonous solvents from traditionally processed Fullerol and C60 derivatives.

Buckyol® C60 is unique.


Water Soluble icon

Water Soluble

Unlike oil-based Fullerene products that crowd the shelves, Buckyol has invented a completely water-soluble C60 that is much more ‘bioavailable’. As 60% of the human adult body is water, Buckyol absorbs and releases C60 benefits much quicker.

Non Toxic icon

No Side Effects

Edible oils as carriers in other Fullerene products require consumption of oil, which is not a natural food for the human body—excessive oil has been found to enhance the oxidization of cells, leading to undesirable side effects over time. Buckyol’s water-based C60 formula carries no such risks.

We're young, but passionate about health innovation.


Patents icon

5 patents pending
In 2018, Buckyol's R&D team patented a non-toxic method to create anisotropic fullerols. We believe this invention of directionally oriented hydroxylation, trademarked as Buckyol® C60, is a major breakthrough that will make even more applications of nano-technologies into preventative healthcare a reality.

GMP icon

GMP and cGMP certified manufacturing
With our partner, EvitaSource, our facilities follow FDA-registered, organic-grade processes with the highest standards of quality assurance (QA).

Loved by users icon

Loved by users
We are just starting out and in the middle of trialing a few product lines with our early adopters, but our tests with our network across 15 countries and all age groups have yielded over 500 testimonials. People have begun to swear by it and want more, which is a heartening start for us.

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We ship globally
Order via Amazon for easy international shipping. Or, if for some reason you face any difficulty ordering from Amazon, just drop us a note and we'll be happy to ship directly.

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100% refund guarantee
We want this to be transparent and authentic, and back our passion for quality. Don’t find a Buckyol product working for you? Send it back. No questions asked.

Made in USA icon

Proudly Made in USA
Our entire production process from source to warehousing happens in Irvine, California.

One ingredient.
Multiple health applications.


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Anti Viral
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